Private Organizations

Operating a Private Organization (PO) or Unofficial Activity (UA) is outlined in AFI 34-223.

In order to do fundraising on Scott AFB, organizations must be approved as a PO or UA on Scott. The Mission Support Group Commander for the base has been delegated authority to approve these operations. The AFI provides operating guidance.

If an organization expects to maintain over $1,000 for 3 consecutive months, they must be established as a PO. Those with less than $1,000 can be established as an UA. The primary difference in establishing an UA vs. a PO is that a PO must have a constitution & bylaws, has more stringent reporting requirements, and can request to conduct raffles.

*PLEASE NOTE: All questions, concerns, and requests for additional guidance regarding POs/UAs should be forwarded to 375FSS/FSR and the Private Org Coordinator for clarification.

Tips and Helpful Info:
  • The request is required to be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of when a PO or UA would like to begin advertising, this is to account for necessary routing to various parties, dependent on the nature of the fundraiser.
  • Please don’t use ranks, letterheads, insignia, or logos.
  • Fundraiser Requests must be up to date on annual review.
  • Flyers/Advertisements must have this disclaimer easily visible: This is a Private Organization. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.
  • Fundraisers selling food require a Temporary Food Booth Application through Public Health.
  • Turnover requires an updated Officer Listing and Treasurer Acceptance Statement be submitted as long as an Annual Review is still current.
  • All POs and UAs are responsible for taxes or filing to obtain tax exemption through the IRS. No org is automatically exempt.