Funeral Honors

Scott AFB Honor Guard Detail Specifics

The Scott Air Force Base Honor Guard, part of the 375th Air Mobility Wing, provides military funeral honors for all active duty members, retirees, and veterans who have served honorably in the Army Air Corps, Army Air Forces or the Air Force. The Honor Guard also provides “Colors” support for promotions, retirements, change-of-commands, recognition ceremonies, and other base/civic activities. The ultimate goal of the Honor Guard is “To Honor With Dignity”.

Active Duty Funeral Honors

  • 21 Person Detail
  • Flag Folding
  • 7 Person Firing Party

Retiree Funeral Honors (20+ Years)

  • 7 Person Detail
  • Flag Folding
  • 3 Person Firing Party

Veteran Funeral Honors (2 < 19 Years)

  • 2 Person Detail
  • Flag Folding

Colors/Flag Details

The Honor Guard supports promotions for those being promoted to the grade of Chief Master Sergeant for enlisted, Colonel or higher for officers and GS-15 for civilians. Retirements are supported for those retiring from the aforementioned ranks. On-base ceremonies, supported with approval of the base Public Affairs office.

Colors Ceremony

  • 4 Person Flag Presentation
  • 2 Person Flag Presentation (Optional)
  • Flag Folding (Optional for Retirements)

Flag Raising/Retiring Ceremony

  • 3 Person Detail
  • 6 Person Detail (Dependent on Flag Size)