The CMSAF Bud Andrews Airman Leadership School

Airman Leadership School (ALS) is the first level of Professional Military Education (PME) our enlisted Airmen experience. It is designed to be an entry level leadership enhancement course to prepare Senior Airmen for positions of greater responsibility by strengthening their ability to lead, follow, and manage while also gaining a broader understanding of the military profession and their role within the Air and Space Forces.

Outcomes-Based Military Education

ALS curriculum prepares our Airmen and Guardians to:

  • Communicate individual roles and understanding of USAF/USSF missions.
  • Collaborate and connect with members of the USAF/USSF.
  • Apply cognitive strategies to solve Air and Space Force problems.
  • Exhibit the Core Values and instill them in others.

ALS Schoolhouse

We are located at 151 Vosler Drive, BLDG 382. Parking is permitted in the circled parking lot, additional parking is available across the street. Students must enter and exit the parking area traveling counterclockwise to prevent accidents. The students have access to a break area with a refrigerator, microwaves, stovetop, and oven.

Reporting Procedures

On the class start date, all students will report to the CMSAF Bud Andrews Airman Leadership School Auditorium no later than 0730 hours. The uniform of the day will be OCPs. Any student unsure of where to report should contact the ALS faculty prior to class start for clarification (618.256.3741).

TDY Students

Lodging: please contact the Scott Inn at 618.256.1844 and provide confirmation number 20510098209 for ALS class 23B.
Government Vehicle: If you required a GOV complete AF868 and submit with your orders to (618.256.3202).


The syllabus and course synopsis are located on the Air University website.


It is highly recommended that you bring a personal laptop, or tablet such as the Apple iPad, Android Tablets, or Windows Slates. You will be required to write papers and develop presentations such as power-point. Government lab tops can be utilized however there are limitations on these devices.

Graduation Ceremony

The formal graduation ceremony is the highlight and culmination of the course. It recognizes and honors each member of the graduating class. The graduation ceremony is a formal event with dinner and will be held in the evening at the Scott Event Center beginning at 1800.