RV Storage

Got a 40 ft. RV or 19 ft. trailer? Can’t keep it at your house? We have the place for you. Outdoor Recreation offers RV storage for items up to 40 ft. long. There are three lots currently being used. First lot is located next to Outdoor Recreation, Bldg. 3176. Second lot is down the street south of the firing range (on East Drive) and the third lot is located near the Security Forces Building. All lots offer a fenced-in, paved lot with your own assigned spaces with 24/7 access. Access system is a 24 hour locked gate. Rates: $27/month for a short spot, $37/month for a long spot. All payments are automatic deduction from a credit card the first day of each month.


Only the following categories of customers are authorized to use the RV storage lot in the listed priority. NOTE: The Installation Commander has the authority to change the priority procedures without notice when ensuring force protection conditions are complied with.

Priority 1: Active duty military members residing in SAFB government quarters.
Priority 2: Active duty military members permanently assigned to SAFB (within 50 miles) and residing in off-base housing.
Priority 3: Active duty military members assigned temporary duty (TDY) at SAFB, but only for the temporary duty period.
Priority 4: Retired military members, DoD APF and NAF civilian employees assigned to SAFB (within 50 miles).

The lot registration must be in the same name as RV/vehicle owner. At the time of issue of a lot/space, up-to-date state vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and local contact address and telephone number must be provided. We cannot store autos/pickups or other passenger vehicles unless they are loaded on a car hauler and are covered properly.

Only one (1) item allowed per short/long space. The item must match the item on record with ODR. All stored property must display current registration (plates, decals, etc). Registered trailers/campers and space must be well maintained at all times by customer. Trailers/campers must be presentable and in good working condition. Additional requirements apply. Failure to comply with policies will result in removal.

Lot Rental Fees are due monthly, and must be paid in advance. Agreement for automatic billing of a credit/debit card is required for issuance of a storage lot. No waivers.


Housekeeping on the lot must be maintained at all times. Vehicle/camper maintenance is not permitted while the vehicle or camper is parked in the lot. This does not include departure preparation, such as servicing tires, cooling system or fluid checks, lamp or wiper replacements, etc.

Leaving RV lot

When you are ready to take your RV off of the lot, please contact Outdoor Rec by calling (618.256.2067) or stopping by (Building 3176) and let us know you are leaving. This will ensure all the proper paperwork is complete. If notice of termination is not accomplished, the customer will remain responsible for the monthly fees.

For more information, call 256.2067.

All individuals must have valid DoD card to utilize any service or facility offered by Outdoor Recreation.