Join Waiting List

Customer must have up-to-date state vehicle registration, & proof of insurance.

See our rules below on how placement on the waiting list is made.

The information you supply below will added to our waiting list, you will be assigned a number based on Eligibility Status and the date you were added. Within 24 hours, your name should appear on our listing with a waiting list number.

For more information, call 256.2067 or stop by Outdoor Recreation.


Only the following categories of customers are authorized to use the RV storage lot in the listed priority. NOTE: The Installation Commander has the authority to change the priority procedures without notice when ensuring force protection conditions are complied with.

Priority 1: Active duty military members residing in SAFB government quarters.
Priority 2: Active duty military members permanently assigned to SAFB (within 50 miles) and residing in off-base housing.
Priority 3: Active duty military members assigned temporary duty (TDY) at SAFB, but only for the temporary duty period.
Priority 4: Retired military members, DoD APF and NAF civilian employees assigned to SAFB (within 50 miles).

All individuals must have valid DoD card to utilize any service or facility offered by Outdoor Recreation.