Steps Challenge

Get to steppin’!  The Warmer Fitness/James Sports Centers are having a Steps Challenge July 1-31.  Use an app or pedometer to track your steps and log them on our website.  Bragging rights are up for grabs for the top participants, and there will also be random prize drawings!  For more information, call 256-4524/1218.

Submitting your step count is easy! Just submit your Email, Name, and Steps into the form, and the total will be added up at the end of the month! Steps can be submitted daily, or all together at the end of the month. If you’re submitting daily, please try and keep your email and name consistent so results are easier to process!

If you happen to submit something incorrectly, please email with the title “Step Challenge” and be sure to describe what needs updated.


Bill R. 152,977
Liz W. 90,707
Courtney 87,829
David H. 66,064
Anita D. 65,078
Karen N. 62,495
Tabrisha S. 56,137
Roxanne D. 50,046
James C. 49,017
Jami M. 47,164
Lara M. 40,158
Amy W. 36,107
LaTasha 32,701
Kenan 30,951
Morgan H. 21,213
Robin L. 20,472
Dakari 20,381
Mandy 18,850
Maui B. 13,902
Kyle S. 13,810
Nathaniel R. 11,562
Jacqueline 11,559
Duawana 10,225
Judy King 8,331
Elizabeth T. 7,795
Karen W. 7,542
Carol V. 7,500
The PCM #3 1,000

Updated Weekly. Last Updated 7/8/2024