Programs & Offerings

The Scott AFB Family Child Care office offers a variety of child care for various situations…

New... Military Spouse Appointment Child Care

Military Spouse Appointment Child Care (MSAC) is new! Active Duty Military Spouses that have appointments may use FREE child care with a Family Child Care Provider during their scheduled appointment time. Families will need to provide documentation of the appointment i.e. a medical appointment or a schedule for a job interview to the FCC office. For additional information, contact the FCC office at 618.256.8047.

AF Family Child Care Subsidy Program

This AF-sponsored program allows parents to use a FCC home for the same cost as the CDC or SAP (summer camp) as long as there is not a space available in the CDC or SAP. CDC and SAP fees are based on total family income.

Extended Duty Care Program

The Extended Duty Care (EDC) program allows for evening/weekend child care be provided in a contracted FCC home for mission related duty beyond normal child care arrangements, for temporary shift changes, extended work days, etc. Care is funding through an AF contract and is free for eligible parents.

Home Community Care

The Home Community Care (HCC) program allows ANG/AFR parents to use licensed and affiliated EDC FCC homes during drill weekends for free. Care is funded through an AF contract and must be pre-approved through the FCC Office.

Deployment Child Care

The Deployment Child Care (DCC) program offers 16 hours of free child care (per child) to military members before a deployment that is in support of “contingency operations” The member must be for a minimum of 30 days and a copy of deployment orders are required. An additional 16 hours is offered to the family each month of the deployment and an additional 16 hours of free child care is offered after returning home and may be used within 30-days of returning. Care is offered in a contracted FCC Home to children ages 2 weeks – 12 years. Care is funded through an AF contract and is free to eligible parents.

Wounded Warriors Child Care

The Wounded Warrior Child Care program locates licensed child care and provides fee assistance for children of active duty Airmen who are assigned to a Warriors in Transition Unit in order to receive medical treatment on an in-patient or out-patient basis.

Emergency Medical Care

The Emergency Medical Care program provides child care for families experiencing a medical situation with an immediate family member. Parents must complete AF ECC request and additional medical statement from a health care provider. No other adults in household may be available to provide the child care.

EFMP Respite Child Care

The EFMP Respite Child Care is designed to assist AF families with short-term child care to help reduce the stresses associated with caring for an exceptional family member. Exceptional Child can receive care until 19yrs old. Sibling care is available for children up to age 12 yrs. Airmen must be Q-coded. Exceptional member needs to be identified with a disability as moderate or severe. Available to Active Duty AF, and Activated Reserve/Guard members.

24/7 Child Care

24/7 Child Care is for families that have work hours outside the normal operating hours of the Child Development center or Youth Programs (0630-1800). Designed to support shift workers and any personnel that work overnights, holidays and weekends (e.g. security forces, Command post, Fire Department, Force Support, Intelligence Surveillance and Ground Systems). Parents must purchase full time care in a child care program Active Duty members or DOD Civilians need to contact the FCC office for further details. 256.8047/256.8156.

Child Care for PCS

Child care for children is offered while parents prepare for PCS move. Air Force Aid Society pays up to 20 hours of care per child in a licensed FCC home at both the departing and new base. Families with PCS orders get a certificate from the Military & Family Readiness Center. Non AF Military families (Navy, Marine, Army, and Coast Guard) may complete the AF FCC ECC form to use the 20 hours of PCS hours. Care must be used within 60 days of departure or arrival at the base.

Child Care for Volunteers

Air Force Aid Society funds child care in a FCC home while a parent is volunteering at approved support programs which benefit the base community. Contact: FCC Office at 256.8047 or A&FRC at 256.8668.

Give Parents a Break

Air Force Aid Society funds 4 hours of free child care per month of respite care for eligible families such as deployed families, families that include a child with special needs, etc. Care is provided in the CDC and Youth Center as space allows or in a Family Child Care home. Families can get a certificate from the Airman & Family Readiness Center and sign up at either the CDC or Youth Center. Contact: A&FRC at 256-8668, CDC at 256-2669/3012, or Youth Center at 744-9862/256-5139.

For complete details on programs offered, contact the Family Child Care office at 256.8047.