ODR Virtual Programs

Campfire Rec

Welcome to Campfire Rec! Are you ready for spooky, adventurous, and funny stories? The wait is over and you’ve been cordially invited to join Campfire Rec at our secret spot in the woods while we bring our stories virtually to life! Grab your refreshments and tune into Scott AFB Outdoor Recreation Facebook page for a camperific good time! Miss at Your Own Risk!

Nature Nerds

Welcome to Nature Nerds, the newest nerdiest how-to show around! Learn how to tie knots, pack a pack, filter your water, build a campfire and more with the Nature Nerds at Outdoor Recreation!

Explore Outdoors

Join Scott AFB Outdoor Recreation as we “Explore Outdoors” in different locations in the area! Go hiking, paddling, cycling, and more VIRTUALLY! Check out new areas before you go!

Scavenger Hunt on Scott AFB

Outdoor Recreation now has a Scavenger Hunt just for you! Tour some of the base while you answer questions, find hidden spots, and more! Select the link below and follow the directions. Scavenger Hunt can be completed by car, bike, or foot; some walking required. Created by: Jessica P. Keep checking back, as more fun will be added to the Scavenger Hunt at a later date!

Virtual “Clue” Based Game

Where’s Buddy Bison? Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out which Outdoor Recreation program mascot is with Buddy Bison (National Parks Mascot), which park or public land they are visiting, and what outdoor recreation activity they’re doing. Get your team together and find Buddy Bison and his friends today! Featuring Where’s Buddy Bison in Illinois! Where’s Buddy Bison in Missouri! Where’s Buddy Bison in Texas! More states coming soon. (Instructions, Card Set, & Clue Sheet for Teams provided for each State).