Archery Range

The archery range, adjacent to the road to East Drive, was built by Outdoor Recreation Staff and Eagle Scouts for archers. This range is open from sun up until sun down and is free of charge. You may use the range at any time provided you follow all safety guidelines. Any archers 17 years and under must have parent/guardian present to shoot. Targets are not provided. Customers are responsible for his or her own targets.

Archery Rules

  • Range Operating Hours are from Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Permitted equipment: Longbow, recurve bow, or compound bow.
  • No firearms or hunting allowed on the archery range.
  • Absolutely No Shooting when People are Down Range.
  • All Archers will Shoot from the Same Line. NO crossing shots, roving or clout.
  • When collecting arrows down range, ALWAYS leave your bow at the shooting line.
  • All Shooters Under 18 will be Supervised by an Adult.
  • No Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Broad Heads are not allowed.
  • Personal equipment must be inspected by the individual and maintained for safe operation.
  • No fighting or horseplay allowed.
  • Please Pick up trash & debris.

Any Violations of These Rules Could Result in Range Closure

View Fishing/Archery brochure here.

For more information, call 256.2067 or contact us on Facebook.