Childcare Subletting App Comes To Scott AFB - Kinderspot

Parents with children enrolled at Scott AFB CDCs now have an easy way to sublet childcare. The Kinderspot app helps DoD families offer or find weeklong blocks of time for rent at the CDC.

The Kinderspot app allows families with children enrolled at a DAF CDC to offer weeklong blocks of time to other eligible families, receiving a credit to their account when another family rents their spot. Families who want to rent a space must complete paperwork (i.e., immunizations, total family income, etc.) and establish a Child and Youth Program Business Management System (CYPBMS) account before being approved to book available weeks through the app. Rental fees are paid directly to the CDC at the renter’s rate, based on total family income. This app was designed to be a helpful tool for military families and is available on both Android and IOS app stores.

For more information, please contact either CDC Bldg 1805 (618.256.2375) or CDC Bldg 1807 (618.256.2669).